We are certified Reputation Management Specialists, helping small and medium sized businesses automate their online review gathering process.

The result is a steady flow of 5-star reviews leveraged to attract new customers and increase conversions.

Would you like to see how your business reputation compares to your competition? We’re happy to provide a free report showing where you stand today.

Reputation Management

Online reviews are one of the things that can make or break a business.

Reputation Management is managing your online reputation so it helps your business.

By creatively combining emerging technology and data analysis to check for online reviews you didn’t know you had, we not only set you up so your customers promote your business for you, but we capture negative reviews before they’re posted online.

Our goal is to make our clients the stand-out, obvious, no-brainer choice for prospective customers when they are ready to buy.

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Strategic Marketing Solutions

In addition to Reputation Management, we also expertly handle many other marketing tasks for you or help you develop marketing skills that so you can easily manage recurring tasks on your own.

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Other Services


Our coaching background means that we can train you how to maximize your marketing efforts with minimal work using available tools such as Social Media, Google ads, and Facebook ads. We can also teach you or your marketing staff how to create and manage any of our services on your own.


When you’d like to get your entire team on board with a new skill or to implement a new system, we will design a workshop around what you and your team want to learn. They can be as hands-on or theory-based as you like. Our workshops are full of actionable information , and we break down the technical parts so they’re easy to digest.

Let us know what you’d like help with

We’ll design something specifically for your needs.

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Meet Pam Noble.

She has over 25 years of experience in Marketing, Management, Strategy, Goal-Setting, and Coaching.

She loves helping small businesses with three important tasks:

  • Bringing in more customers
  • Encouraging them to buy more on each visit
  • And inspiring them to return more often.
What motivates Pam to help small businesses?

When a big box discount retailer opened in her small hometown in Northern Wisconsin, several locally owned businesses along Main Street struggled. Many were forced to close. The small businesses didn’t have the marketing budget or skills to bring consumers back to Main Street, and once a few stores departed, the loss of accompanying traffic killed other businesses.

This angered her. Even at age 19, she knew that small businesses are the backbone of an economically strong community.

The only businesses to survive on Main Street filled small niches that the big box could not, such as second-hand stores and retailers selling factory overruns. (The photos below are a corporate chain that closed in 1992 during a wave of other closures.)

How did she get into marketing?

Three years later, while managing a hotel concierge desk in Minneapolis, she found herself doing marketing for dozens of local businesses, sending tens of thousands of out of town guests to enjoy and support the local businesses she loved.
(This was pre-internet.)

Becoming recognized for her success, she wrote a marketing training manual for her staff and created marketing materials to connect them with the local services and shops they needed.

Since then, she has found marketing opportunities at every job she has had, she has helped small businesses develop marketing strategies, created integrated brand promotions, and conducted continuing ed classes for professionals.

Three years ago, she decided to make the leap and push herself to finish her college degree. In December 2019, she will graduate from Portland State University with a double major in Marketing and Advertising.

She is unapologetically passionate about leveling the playing field between small businesses and large corporations.

Who is her marketing team?

Pam works with a variety of talented people, hand-selecting them based on the project at hand. Some members of her team only work on one project, others work on multiple projects. Because of the nature of her team, it is impossible to introduce everyone here, as their availability is not guaranteed.

She works on her Reputation Management projects with several partners across the US, the UK, and Australia.

Regardless of who she works with to accomplish your goals, she has the resources and talent available to create the right solution for you. Her approach is flexible. Depending on what works best for you, she can either provide out-of-the-box systems that you can implement on your own, or design custom solutions for your unique situation.

Who is she outside of work?

When she’s not living, sleeping, and breathing business, you can find her having lunch at a Portland food pod, looking for interesting treasures on the beach, riding Amtrak towards a new adventure, enjoying the bird feeders in her flower garden, or chatting up everyone she encounters as if they’re old friends.

Coffee is her drink of choice.